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RFVS Statement 2019

The statement has been released by the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society.

The I feel is a sensible well researched article mainly written by our president Lyn Thomson MRCVS

I hope you will find is useful if you feed your pet raw or advice people to do so



Disagreement exists within the veterinary profession about the proper diet for cats and dogs. The feeding of a raw meaty bones diet (RMBD) is receiving increasing attention as the raw pet food industry continues to grow [1].

There is a ‘seventeen-year gap’ between research being published and its practical application in first opinion practice [2]. Lessening this gap is a priority, and given this Internet savvy age it is sometimes difficult for first opinion practitioners to keep up with their client base [3]. Freeman et al. reviewed the risks and benefits of feeding an RMBD. The review noted that pet owners who choose to feed an RMBD do not rank nutritional information provided by vets highly [4]. In this age of access to current science, our client base is often ahead of the game in terms of nutritional knowledge. With priority given to keeping themselves and their families healthy by eating fresh, unprocessed foods, they are often not prepared to feed processed pet food to their pets. The RFVS works with owners who choose to feed an RMBD, raising the profile of our profession from the negative perception with which it is currently held in this growing generation of ‘Internet-educated experts’. The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) significantly reduces the seventeen-year knowledge gap by accessing current nutritional research, and applying the principles in day-to-day practice.

TB outbreak in Cats in the UK

You may be aware that there has been an investigation by the team of vets at Edinburgh Vet school into a cluster of cases of Tuberculosis in indoor pet cats.

It has most probably been shown to be due to feeding raw foods from Vension Offal which had not had the standard meat inspection from the Food Standards Agency FSA.

The product has bee withdrawn from the market for nearly 6 months now. (Dec 2018)

The Raw Feeding Feeding Society and University of Edinburgh have release press statements and advice which I link to below.

I would add that the vast majority of raw pet foods are prepared from animals which have been slaughtered for human consumption and as such Inspected for TB and other diseases by FSA Meat Inspectors trained to look for and reject any animals showing signs of TB. It is only present at all in Cattle and Deer.

I would not let it put me off feeding Raw Foods even from Natural Instinct. Dogs are not very susceptible to TB. and Dogs or humans are at low risk of catching TB from cats

This is our Vet Societies Press Release:

Press Release – Cat TB cases may be linked to raw pet food Diet, study suggests.
The RFVS are in close communication with Danielle Gunn-Moore and her team at Edinburgh University as they investigate the current cluster of cases of Mycobacterium Bovis infection in cats in the UK.
Our thoughts at this time are with the cats who have died during this outbreak, and with their owners who have suffered with them.
The raw food company involved, Natural Instinct, have recalled a particular raw pet food product (Wild Venison 250g and 500g Best Before Date March 2019 to August 2019). Natural Instinct have acknowledged that their supplier of Wild Venison Offal had not met their legal obligation with respect to EU Legislation around the inspection of the meat for human consumption and the inclusion of that meat in the raw pet food chain.
The RFVS sincerely believe that the action of one supplier (in this case of Wild Venison Offal) does not reflect the state of the Raw Pet Food Industry in the UK. To fully understand the Raw Pet Food Industry please refer to our current Position Statement here.
Pet Food Production is constantly under scrutiny by the legislative authorities to maintain a safe and nutritious supply of pet food. Current investigations include toxic levels of Vit D in Hill’s Pet Food and the potential association between Grain Free Diets and Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dogs.
For further information please view the following documents from the University of Edinburgh, or contact us directly at RFVS enquiries@rvfs.info


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