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Dog's Diner

Natural Instinct


Natural Instinct Food for Dogs and Cats

A more recent entry into the market place.
Home delivery of complete raw diets for dogs

Natures Menu

Dedicated to Natural Feeding since 1981 Anglian Meat Products Raw feeding pages. Find out about the range of natural foods: Prize Choice and Natures Menu.
We stock this product range in our West Kingsdown Vet Clinic


Forthglade Is a a UK pet food manufacturer who supplies raw and cooked natural diets for dogs and cats. Useful if hard to navigate site

Raw Meaty Bones

Raw Meaty Bones.com Tom Lonsdale's site promoting the Raw BARF diets. Tom is an Australian Vet who has for many years encouraged the feeding of Raw Foods for Cats and Dogs

UK Raw Meaty Bones Action Group

Junk food injures health. The information on this web site will show you the extent of the problem, the collusion between the pet food companies and the veterinary profession

Land of Holistic Pets

www.landofholisticpets.co.uk/index.htmlThis site promotes many of the issues we encourage on this site and sell a range of dog foods certified as holistic by the BAHNM

Honeys Real Dog Food

Honeys real Dog food

Honey’s is a small, ethical, family-run working dog food company. We believe that working dogs should eat the same sort of diet that they would enjoy if they lived in the wild.

This isn’t some romantic notion of ours. There is a growing body of evidence that modern, processed dog food is actually bad for dogs whereas if they eat the diet that nature intended for them – that is to say raw, fresh meat, bones and vegetables – they are both healthier and happier.

What we offer, therefore, is a range of raw, fresh dog foods, bones, chicken wings, biscuits and treats. We prepare everything to order using locally produced ingredients and all our recipes have been designed and approved by Honey’s own Chief Veterinary Surgeon.

Graham Hines MRCVS
Holistic Veterinary Surgeon in Kent

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