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Here are some suggestions as to which remedy to use for a variety of problems you may come across. You should as a general rule use a 6c or 30c potency of the suggested remedy and repeat every 2 to 4 hours until you see an improvement. These remedies are available separately or as a kit from our shop on this link We suggest you also have a bottle of rescue remedy (in the Bach flower section of the shop) There is first a list of the remedies and their possible uses then a list of simple conditions and first aid situations further down the page. See also the 'ailment analyser' pages elsewhere for more detailed advice

List by Remedy

List by ailment

This advice page cannot be used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified veterinarian. If you do not see a rapid improvement please take your companion to see a vet.
Remedies and Possible Uses in First Aid Situations

  • Aconite Key note:SHOCK The 2 main uses of this remedy in first aid are for Shock and at the start of fevers and infections. The severe shock of an incident such as a Road Traffic Accident or being attacked by a pack of dogs can be greatly helped by a few doses of Aconite. Give every 10 to 15 minutes for 4 doses or until improvement is seen. (Remember shock can be very serious so also seek professional help.
  • Arnica BRUISING AND INJURY After any injury one should always give doses of Arnica. It should be given for a day before and after surgery. Give Arnica for example after the Aconite in a road accident Take some after falls or dog bites : Three to 4 times daily for 2 days is usually indicated.
  • Arsenicum Album GASTROENTERITIS for example parvo virus (along with your vet's fluid therapy) or food poisoning causing vomiting and diarrhoea will be helped by giving Arsen. alb. hourly for four doses or 3 time daily if less acute. Many other conditions are helped by this remedy most showing a thirst, restlessness and chilliness as part of the signs.
  • Cantharis CYSTITIS Burning pains when passing urine is the the keynote symptom. Cats and Dogs can suffer from cystitis trying to pass urine very frequently sometimes with blood. A few doses of Cantharis can help.
  • Hepar Sulph. ABSCESSES Cat bite abscesses are the most obvious cause of these but any swelling painful to touch like a boil can be aided with 4 doses of Hepar sulph over 24 hours. Tooth abscesses showing as swelling on the face below the eye can respond well to this remedy.
  • Hypericum CRUSH INJURIES Tail stuck in the door? Crushed fingers and tooth pain from a broken tooth will be less painful if given a dose of Hypericum hourly for 4 doses or so.
  • Ledum BITES Stings and bites of all types can benefit from a dose of Ledum. If acute e.g. a wasp sting or cat bite give a dose hourly for 4 doses.
  • Phosphorous HAEMORRAGE AND VOMITING Weakness following Blood Loss, Vomiting almost as soon as food or water is taken along with a high thirst for large amount of water are 2 of the indications for this remedy. It can also be of use if your companion is afraid of thunder or fireworks (Borax is also very useful in this situation) Animals which need Phos. tend to be very friendly and excitable.
  • Rhus Tox. INJURY Rhus Tox mixed with Arnica and Ruta can be given after injuries that cause lameness as long as you are sure no veterinary attention is required. Give three times daily for up to 5 days if no improvement is seen see your vet. Rhus Tox can also be useful for itchy skins if the skin is red and swollen.
  • Ruta Grav.TENDON INJURY Sprains and strains will benefit from Ruta. It can be given with Rhus tox. for an enhanced effect if the resulting lameness is better for gentle movement.
  • Silica FOREIGN BODIES Splinters, grass seeds and anything else that might be under your companions skin can often be helped to come out with this useful remedy. It can also be useful in chronic infections such as cat flu, and cellulitis.
  • Rescue Remedy or Emergency Remedy This is useful in many situations: After any stressful sudden event or before if you know it is coming e.g. before a dog show, visit to the veterinarian. Or after shocks such as thunder, road accidents having had an epileptic fit. It will calm and reassure your companion and calm you as well if you take a dose or two. If breathing or heart is stopped for any reason try a few drops along with artificial respiration etc. For very severe shocks with pale gums aconite is probably better but this marvellous flower remedies is a must for you first aid kits. Give a few drops every 15 minutes or so for 4 doses if after the event dribble into the mouth from the dropper.

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Simple ailments and First Aid: Situations where Homeopathy may help
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  • Bruising and Injuries The remedy of choice for all injuries is Arnica. This remedy should be given after all injuries, falls, bites or operations. If bleeding profusely then apply a pressure dressing with cotton wool or similar to stem the flow of blood. Crush injuries require Hypericum to help reduce the pain of the injury. Longer term limps, arthritis and sprains may do better if give Rhus tox and Ruta after or with Arnica.
  • Convulsions/Fits Do not interfere with or try to move your companion if he is having a fit, it will not help, if possible put a couple of Aconite pellets on his tongue follow with some rescue remedy if he seems frightened after the fits have worn off. If they do not stop within a few minutes then contact you vet for additional help or advice.
  • Collapse If necessary heart massage and artificial respiration may be indicated if heart or breathing have stopped, Also use a few drops of Rescue Remedy into the side of the mouth every 5 minutes for up to 4 doses.
  • Cuts Clean with water removing any foreign bodies and then apply Calendula or Hypercal lotion after drying. Continue applying twice daily while healing.
  • Cystitis See the pages in the ailment analyser page but Cantharis can help many animals who suffer from this disease which shows as frequent painful urination sometimes with blood in the urine.
  • Fevers, Flu etc. A sudden onset of many infections that come on similar to flu in man can be nipped in the bud with a few doses of Aconite. If your child or animal is red hot with a bounding pulse then Belladonna may be more suitable.
  • Fractures Broken limbs obviously need professional care. Until you can get to the vet cover any wounds with clean gauze and apply a temporary splint if the fracture is low down on the leg. Put you companion in a comfortable position in a box or similar and take to the vets. Give him doses of Arnica 30c every hour for up to 4 doses. Aftercare would be Arnica for 2 days and then Symphytum 2x daily for 2 weeks.
  • Heat Stroke Cool your companion down with damp towels around the body and ice packs on top even pour water on him to cool him down. While rushing him to the Vets clinic a few doses of Rescue Remedy will help him recover.
  • Puncture Wounds/Bites Clean out wound as soon as noticed if possible, removing any embedded hair or splinters. Give Hepar Sulph to fight the infection. 2 pellets every hour or so for 4 doses. This includes insect bites as well as animals bites and punctures with sharp objects such as nails. If the bite later becomes infected forming an abscess then use
  • Shock This accompanies severe injuries such as Road Traffic Accidents, The signs are rapid breathing and pulse rate and collapse maybe with loss of consciousness. Give Aconite every 10 minutes until some improvement is seen If there is a lot of bruising or internal haemorrhage then Arnica may be a better choice to start with use in the same way. Always follow with Arnica 4 times daily with any injury to aid recovery.
  • Vomiting and Diarrhoea
  • Briefly; for 24 hours give nothing to Eat and only small sips of water, follow with a light diet of egg or chicken and rice.
  • For more details see the ailment analyser. Also give 4 doses of Phos or Arsen. alb. over 24 hours depending on the signs.

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