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Seizures and Fits

Epilepsy is a common disease in dogs, less so in cats
Does Hemp and CBD help with Seizures (Fits) in Pets and People?
I will show you some studies and evidence of improved seizure control.

The response does tend to be somewhat variable with some patients responding extremely well but others not so great a response.

Seizures are a serious condition and you should always consult your veterinary surgeon and have her refer you to an experienced holistic veterinarian

Cannabinoids in the Treatment of Epilepsy - Humans

Encouraging results with epilepsy -Dogs
The veterinary team behind the ongoing clinical trial has found that 89% of dogs who received cannabidiol had a reduction in frequency of seizures.
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Case Reports

Collie with Seizures Alfie
Border Collie

Case Report

Cavalier King Charles CLOE

Syringiomyelia Chiari malformation with anxiety
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel