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How to prevent worm and flea infestations without using drugs
Can you prevent or treat parasites without drugs?

Worms - Intestinal Health

Verm-X herbal wormer
Do products like this work?
Verm-X is a herbal worming product although described as promoting intestinal health.

Other herbs are also recommended:
Garlic: 1/2 to 2cloves daily is as affective as ivermectin and certainly safer.
(Ayaz et al, Recent Pat Antiinfect Drug Discov. 2008 Jun)
Pumpkin Seeds Ground raw seeds about 2 teaspoon per 10kgs fresh seeds
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Food grade is reported to reduce roundworm burdens. Give 1/2 to 2 teaspoons daily depending on the size of your dog.
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Only rely on these products if you monitor efficacy:

Checking worm burdens is a vital plank of any control system DO NOT TREAT IF YOU DO NOT NEED TO but do monitor heavy worm burdens or heart and lung worms can be dangerous.
Worm count dot com logo and link
Worm counts are a key element of proactive parasite control and Wormcount.com provides an excellent service.  Their very detailed laboratory reports are an invaluable diagnostic tool for my holistic veterinary practice.”
Dr Richard Allport BVet Med. Vet MFHom MRCVS
Now if the worm count comes back as positive for Angiostrongylosis (Lungworm, French Heartworm) what do you do?

Do you rely on herbal products - this wormer is not in the gut?. I would recommend using a drug - fenbenazole. Safer for the patient and environment than many modern modern products. It is available in the UK without prescription. Whatever you use test again with a worm egg count afterwards. Give once daily for a week. Then start on one of the preventatives mentioned and recheck at regular intervals

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But I think a low burden of worms as you would find in animals is not harmful and indeed may be beneficial to the immune system and allergy prevention. We do not however keep our pets or livestock in natural conditions so need to be more aware of heavy burdens.

If you keep livestock outdoors
Rabbits, small herbivores and larger herbivores then you should also practice good Animal Husbandry:

Clean out regularly
Clean faeces off pasture
Change field in which they graze at regular intervals
Ask your veterinary surgeon for advice

Video Below:
Another holistic Vet discusses herb use…

Natural Flea Control

Fleas are a natural part of the environment, I feel it is only possible to kill them anything like 100% by using insecticides or pharmaceuticals the can have adverse affects on.
The patient
The environments

We have seen the dramatic decline in insect numbers over the past decade - of course agriculture has a much larger affect than use on pets but it all adds up.

So what can we do.

Pets are most often kept with us indoors in a warm flea friendly environment so they multiply rapidly. Preventing them getting in the first place is the key.

1. Nematodes

2. Diatomaceous Earth

3. Minimise Carpet indoors

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