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K9 Omega™

Concentrated fish oil to support cell repair
K9 Omega™ is a high quality fish oil supplement formulated specifically for dogs. It contains

Is K9 Omega™ right for my dog?

K9 Omega™ is safe for all dog breeds and has no known side effects. This formula is safe for dogs of all ages, pregnant dogs, and nursing dogs. As with any supplement, we suggest discussing with your veterinarian first.
Guaranteed safe, natural and effective:
  • Safe for all breeds and sizes
  • Safe to use with medications
  • Made with 100% USDA Certified Organic materials
  • Manufactured in a FDA registered facility
  • 100% non GMO
  • Created according to the highest pharmaceutical standards
  • Absolutely no binders, fillers, flow enhancers or time release agents
  • Have no known side-effects
  • 100% non-toxic (no risk of overdosing)
Fish Oil Warning The health supporting fish oil recommended here comes from the body oil of fish such as wild salmon, trout, tuna, sardines, menhaden and herring. We do not recommend using fish liver oil (e.g., cod liver oil). Because if a dog takes fish liver oil and is eating a typical commercial dog food, he risks overdosing on vitamins A and D, which can cause serious consequences.

  • K-9 Omega Fish Oil Supplement
K9 Omega™
Concentrated fish oil
K9 Omega™ is a high quality fish oil supplement formulated specifically for dogs. It contains a highly concentrated blend of omega 3 fatty acids, it is guaranteed free of the heavy metals and other debris commonly found in fish oil supplements.
  • Ideal for with K9 Immunity

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60 softgel Capsules

Recommended Daily Use:
Each capsule contains 1000 mg of purified fish oil concentrate. These soft gel capsules can be fed directly as treats. Or they may be opened and the oil squeezed out on the dog’s food. The manufacture's recommendation is one capsule daily per 10kg of body weight.
K9 Omega™ Contains: 60 soft gels – 1000mg each
This supplement was formulated from all cold water fish sources, using oil from salmon, anchovy, herring, sprat and sardines, with natural vitamin E to enhance freshness.
This product contains NO ingredients from China.

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K-9 Omega Fish Oil Supplement
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K-9 Omega Fish Oil Supplement

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