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Cough Tonic

Kennel Cough
  • Cough Tonic
a combination of 4 homeopathic remedies for coughs and respiratory problems in the dog such as kennel cough

Active Ingredients: Arsenicum album 6x, Cuprum aceticum 6x, Kali bich 4x, Drosera 6x, Spongia tosta 6x.

Individual remedies a brief description:
Arsen alb. Viral infections of the airway
Cuprum ac. Bronchospasm
Kali bich: stringy discharges
Spongia: tickly cough
Drosera: throat infections

Dosage: Give 10 drops (small dogs and cats) to 20 drops (larger dogs) 3 times daily, the medication can be given in water, milk or directly into the mouth. Results may not be seen for 2-3 weeks continue for up to 6 weeks.

Remedy Picture: The tonic fits the following picture:
A dog that coughs when pulling on its collar or excited. He has coughing spasms as if a bone was stuck in his throat and may cough up a small amount of sticky white mucous looking like egg white. (Kennel Cough can appear like this of course)


20ml bottle


7gm tablets


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