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Honey Natural Feeding Handbook

Natural Feeding of Dogs by Jonathon Self
  • Honey Natural Feeding Handbook
This little book shows you how to transform your dog’s health with a simple change of diet

160 pages of advice, tips and recipes!

This plain-English, comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide contains everything you need to know about natural feeding, including:
  • – Why naturally fed dogs lead longer, happier and healthier lives
  • – How to switch your dog to a natural diet in three easy steps
  • – How canine digestion works
  • – Why tinned and dried food is ‘junk food’ for dogs
  • – Lots of tips, recipes and advice
  • – Special diets for poorly dogs
  • – How to give your puppies the best start in life
  • – Details of popular BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diets

Jonathan Self is a journalist who writes about farming and the environment. He is a trustee of the World Land Trust and one of the founders of Honey’s Real Dog Food.




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