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Natural Petcare offers a number of products for sale which we use or have used in our clinic to assist in promoting health in our patients.
There are a number of products which we have not been able to sell because larger companies sell them on line cheaper than we are able to, so we have started to review and recommend products which can be bought through Amazon or other retailers.

If you make a natural pet health product and would like us to review it and feature it on our site please contact us.
If you have an affiliate system for your shop similarly I would be interested in hearing from you.

Categories of Products

These are the main products we sell or recommend.
If you want to have your product added to the site please contact me

Pet Plus

Pet Plus for Cats and Dogs is a powder containing the nutrients and micronutrients our carnivorous pets would otherwise have eaten in the wild.
Pet Plus whole food supplement provides the enzymes, antioxidants,
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K-9 Immunity

K9 Immunity is a supplement made from extracts from fungi such as mycoplex which has been shown to stimulate the immunity system assisting the bodies defences with serious illnesses such as cancer.
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Homeopathic Nosodes

These remedies may prevent disease in pets for example during kennelling and dog shows. Homeoprophylactics is their new name

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Apocaps is a herbal and other micronutrients combined by a holistic vet in the US to aid the treatment of cancer in dogs
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K-9 Omega

K9 Omega is a fish oil supplement given along with K-9 Immunity mushroom complex to aid cancer therapy
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Homeopathic Tonics

Combination Remedies to help treat or prevent illness and anxiety our own range.
Travel and noise anxiety, noise and more.
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Flax Oil and Herbs

Proflax Oils

A small range of flax oil and herbs. Great for skins, itchy dogs and general well being

CBD Oils

Cannawell and hempSmart cannabinoid extracts.
Used for general immune system boost, fits and cancer
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Homeopet Range

Another range of combination homeopathic remedies from Homeopet developed by Irish Veterinary Surgeon


A small recommended selection of Books sold on the site and elsewhere

Skin Health

Dermoscent and other skin products


We cannot cal them that but Verm-X and other products to help control parasites
Helped my dogs arthritis
load better with cbd
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