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Proflax Natural - The Ultimate Superfood Supplement for Dogs

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Proflax: Wellbeing and Vitality

Proflax: Wellbeing and Vitality

a daily superfood supplement which supports all biological functions with an emphasis on optimising immunity and digestion and gives a calming, relaxing effect.

Starting from £12.50

Proflax: Skin and Coat

Proflax: Skin and Coat

a daily superfood supplement which helps to soothe itchy sensitive skin, promote a shiny coat, help alleviate allergies and reduce hair loss.

Starting from £13.50

Proflax: Bone and Joint

Proflax: Bone and Joint

Bone & Joint is a daily superfood supplement which cares for bone, joint and ligament health whilst offering some fantastic nutritional benefits that will help to keep your dog in the best of health

Starting from £13.50

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Nick Thompson MRCVS discusses using Proflax with a raw diet
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