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Cancer and your Pet

This is a brief introduction as to how I treat cancer in my patients and is my personal opinion. You can read more elsewhere I suggest you start with the book recommendation on the right from Drs Dressler and Ettinger.

The main elements of treatment are outlined below, each will supplement the other and should not be used in isolation, I will fill in more gaps when I get time.
Please contact me for an appointment to see you and your pet if you are concerned.

You must be aware there is less evidence for these therapies than for conventional medicine's treatments. I will not always recommend just complementary therapies but surgery first. You must make you own choice for your pet.

Surgery can be very helpful in reducing the risk of cancer spread I will in many cases recommend and perform surgery on many cancers.

Chemotherapy can have its problems but is also a proven treatment as does radiotherapy. Many of these treatments can be combine with complementary supplements to give in my opinion greater success.

Natural preferably raw based diet
Low in Carbohydrates
Green raw juiced vegetables

Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids
Medicinal mushrooms e.g K9 immunity
CBD Oils
Enzymes e.g. Pet Plus
Mistletoe injections

Some evidence exists for improved longevity in cancer patients using Helixor or Iscador injections
Read more

Some lumps are better removed surgically so much depending on a sensible risk assessment on your companion. Consult your holistic vet

A selection of well chosen remedies selected specifically for you individual pet will work so much better. Select a Homeopathic Vet from the bahvs website (if you are UK based)
There are formulas for specific cancer available but an individual prescription will be so much better
CV 247
This product was conceived and initially developed by Mr John Carter, veterinary surgeon, who also advocated that in combination with the therapy, a patient also followed an organic diet. Mr Carter established the therapy regime after many years of study and empirical research starting in around 1976. Mr Carter’s hypothesis was that increasing disease burden affecting the human and animal world could have an association with modern food manufacturing methods and the environment. His theory and therapy was aimed at stimulating the animals' and individual’s immune system. The effect of this theory was repeatedly tested in his Veterinary practice on a compassionate therapy basis. Mr Carter’s interest and the success with the animals he cared for led to word of mouth recommendations to tend to others suffering.

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